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For this registration fee, you will get a professional and official assessment of your individual situation. What does that mean? It means we can help you to do exactly what you will need, to maximize your acceptance potential. It is not a basic form that you can complete to get a computer calculation of your basic skills. This is a complete review of your situation by a licensed immigration professional, which will lead you personally through your process.

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My life was very difficult. I did not want to stay in my country, I worked very hard and did not have time to live. So I immigrated to Italy, thinking that life would be better. I was a baker and I had the same problems, long days of work for an insignificant life. After contacting Canada Visa Services, I realized that they could really help me. I've been told that because I'm young and with work experience, I have a good chance to immigrate to Canada. Last week, I got a temporary work visa, and as of now, we are advancing on the permanent residence visa. I am extremely satisfied, I leave for Canada legally through Canada Visa Services and they also accompany me to get a job on site.

Mehdi Al-Halil

I choose this service because I felt the need for help in my efforts. The embassy website is too confused and poorly organized, and I wanted to put the odds on my side for my life project. The people with whom I spoke about Canada Visa Services are very friendly and had been patient with any questions I had. They helped me set up my EOI for British Columbia, as well as the facilitation of all the steps, whether they were administrative, in order not to have my application rejected for technical errors or omissions. I loved collaborating with Canada Visa Services, and I'm sure all peoples that are wanting to go to Canada will also be satisfied.

Laurene Vernier