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Who are we?

CVS is an innovative designer of immigration solutions created to help people who dream of living in Canada achieve their dreams. Our groundbreaking approach has carried us to the top of our field of immigration to Canada. Our extensive experience – as well as our highly trained and accomplished team – has helped us streamline the process to make it as quick and easy as possible for our clients.

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Our Pillars

Our company is based on – and named after – our 3 pillars, which provide our stability and strength.


Based in Canada, we get the inside scoop on immigration policies, updates and news. We are the eyes and ears for our clients around the world.


Our expert team can provide you with consultation regarding different immigration related matters, including legal help with immigration to Canada. 


Great service is our raison d’etre. As a service-oriented company, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We love hearing from our customers and seeing how pleased they are with our service.

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Meet Our Team

CVS clients have the benefit of the jewel in our crown – our RCIC department, headed by a licensed and registered RCIC. This department can handle any case with the support of our network of experts on various subjects, such as the different immigration programs, HR and the Canadian job market, the Canadian housing market, and more.

We carefully curated our team to ensure we will meet any demand and any requirement, and to be able to answer any question.
The Canada Visa Services team is very experienced and accomplished, but it is also a very diverse group, many of whom immigrated to Canada themselves. So you can be sure we know what our clients are going through and what they need in order to succeed.

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Our Values