Immigration to Canada

The Canadian government runs a variety of immigration programs, each with its own specific policies and requirements.  Each of Canada’s provinces runs its own provincial immigration programs as well. 

Furthermore, there is a variety of visas and permits which can be difficult to discern and select from. Which visa or permit works with which immigration program? Which one is permanent and which is temporary? 

Finding the right program, selecting the best visa or permit for you, finding out all the necessary requirements… It can all get very complicated for someone with no experience or expertise in the field of immigration to Canada. After you do all that — you still have to fulfill all the requirements and submit an application.

The CVS team is here to make everything a lot simpler and easier through the support of immigration experts, and to help you in selecting the best programs for your individual needs.

Visas and Permits


Immigration Programs

You can find some basic information about the different programs here. Please bear in mind that this information is only a basic outline, and the best way to know which program is most suited to your situation is an in-depth evaluation of your individual situation with one of our experts.