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What is our CV creation service?

Several years of experience working with thousands of candidates from all over the world has taught us that approximately 67% of candidates do not know how to compose and edit a CV to match the Canadian standard. A well-composed CV is invaluable, as it is used in both the application which is submitted to the Canadian government as well as later on when seeking employment. 

With the help of your personal agent, we will be able to compose and arrange a CV toimpress any immigration official and any employer in Canada. 

Application Enhamcement

A great CV can improve and enhance any visa and permit application. It is one of the parts of your application which gets plenty of attention from immigration officials. It is proof that you have the the skills and abilities required to adjust to Canadian society quickly, as well as the CV to help you get hired quickly. 


Your first meeting with a potential employer is at the CV stage. You do not get to be there to tell the employer about yourself. All they have is this document which represents everything you can contribute to their business. A great CV makes the difference. It aids the decision between whether you get called in for an interview, or whether you get ignored over and over. 

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The basic rules.

Do you know if your CV is good?

You probably know how to write a CV which is suited to the job market in your country, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, every country can be a little bit different. When moving to a new country, it’s important to identify the differences and compose a new CV accordingly. Here are the top 3 most important rules for a good Canadian CV: