new brunswick

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick is one of 3 island provinces off Canada’s eastern shore. It is the only bilingual province so the majority of the population speaks both English and French.

Thanks to its wealth of natural resources, New Brunswick leans heavily on exports for economic growth. Minerals, natural gas, forestry, farming and fishing are the dominating local industries.

The tourism industry in the region is also flourishing, especially in New Brunswick’s main port – St. John. It is a vibrant and historic port where you can find a variety of activities and sights: cruise ships, wildlife reservations, zoos, waterfall parks, museums, hiking trails and the New Brunswick casino.

New Brunswick In-Demand Professions

  • Bookkeepers
  • Electricians (industrial)
  • Mechanics (industrial)
  • Hospitality managers including professional chefs
  • Business analysts
  • Retail managers
  • Information technology professionals including analysis, sales, and technical customer support
  • Computer programmers
  • Financial analysts
  • Certified accountants
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Language translators