Express Entry

This system was introduced by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, now called IRCC) in June 2017 and has seen a lot of popularity. It features a points system which hones and facilitates the selection of suitable candidates.

It is titled “Express Entry” because it cuts application deadlines and processing time to as little as 6 months (although it can take up to 2 years, and reach up to 3 years in some rare cases).

The system is connected to a large number of immigration streams, providing faster processing for the majority of the programs, which is why this is the most popular method of application among candidates.


Every candidate is graded on a large number of elements: age, level of education, work experience, finances, language proficiency, and much more. Candidates who have the highest score go to the front of the line.

The IRCC draws the highest ranking candidates from the pool in draw rounds which happen twice each month. In the latest draw rounds the IRCC drew candidates with scores as low 430 points.


Canada’s provinces also draw candidates from the national pool and send them a Provincial Nomination – an invitation to settle in the province, which sends the candidate to the front of the line for the permanent residence invitation. Learn more about the Provincial programs here

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Express Entry focuses on 3 main immigration streams:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

When selected from the pool a candidate has 60 days to submit a completed application for Permanent Residence in Canada. This is the final application before final approval.

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How to improve your Express Entry score

One of the things a capable immigration service will be able to do for a candidate is find the strongest points in the candidate’s profile that are relevant to the specific immigration program and highlight them in the profile correctly in order to maximize point value.

There are some basic elements that provide extra points for any immigration program:

  • A verified job offer
  • A provincial commonplace designation
  • Experience, ability to settle – anything you can do to facilitate your move to Canada – a savings account which will help you purchase a home in Canada, family in Canada, or anything you can add.
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How Canada benefits from Express Entry

This system streamlines the candidate selection method, making the whole process faster, easier, and more useful. It is a pool full of potential employees ready to come in and fortify the Canadian economy.