Canada Visa Services is a privately owned company and does not represent the Canadian government. We do, however, employ registered RCICs who ensure our clients’ applications are composed in accordance with Canadian immigration laws.

Having a wide variety of advisers on staff, we are able to handle any type of immigration visa, as well as student visa, visitor visa and temporary work permits. 

Canada Visa Services offers a variety of services with varying rates. You can find some more information about our services and our rates in our services.

Unfortunately, that will not be possible. Our fantastic staff requires compensation for their work – just like everyone else. Therefor, we are obliged to charge while we provide the service, not after. 

There are many factors involved and it can get very complicated. That’s what you pay us for!
Our representatives will assess your specific situation and your goals – and help you select the best program to match your needs. 

Unfortunately, no. No one can offer you such a guarantee, as the final decision is made by the RCCIC only. We do, however, guarantee that your application is the strongest it can be when we submit it with the RCCIC.

Yes. Your adult spouse/life partner as well as your children up to and including 21 years old can be included in your immigration package with no extra cost. Adult family members (siblings, parents, children over 22) – will have to create a separate application.

The duration of the process depends on many elements, such as the immigration program you choose, the type of visa/permit, your HCS, and much more. The fastest possible process takes 6 months, but it takes 2 years on average.

The main candidate will need to include a verified result to the IELTS or the TEF exams (in some rare cases the government will accept other types of English test results). The candidate’s spouse/life partner will not have to pass a test, but a good result from your spouse/life partner can increase your chances of approval.

An intermediate language proficiency test result is mandatory and you will not be eligible without it. Have no fear! We have a great English course dedicated to helping you improve your score in the IELTS test, and you can take the test over as many times as you need to pass.

We will! Many of our clients opt to use our employment services. With our exclusive collaboration with a placement company in Canada we can give you a real edge in your job hunt!